Since February 1993, after a profitable and training process in a shipment company, in charge of an export branch, I embraced the porphyry and natural stone world. A challenge in which I fell across but also motivated through passion and love for nature and its countless products.

After having been working for 20 years ,as a marketing  manager, in one of the most important Trentino’s porphyry company , production and marketing leader in its field ,  in September 2013 I decided to  go on with it on my own.

I offer and supply     services matched with  professionalism  to my clients. Retail and wholesale of buildings materials, coverings, gardening and also many others  services to support  enterprises.

Not only supply and laying, but also experts advice service, incident to fiscal deduction and current regulations. Direct professional partnership with construction engineering to  help  preparation about needed bureaucracy for the beginning of works; fiscal deduction process (50%) – ordinary and extra rural areas buildings maintenance , anti seismic deduction (65%).

The “Naturalmente Porfido” marketing office, thanks  to  my wife’s,  Maria Virginia , support , who speaks English and German , allows me to be on the most part of the European market ( Austria – Switzerland – France – Czech Republic – Germany – Greece )