Trentino Trentino’s Porphyry paving 

Trentino’s porphyry, performances to many different creations and diverse appearance. It is a natural material  gathering  together  innovation and tradition  in order to guarantee best results even to the most complicated and refined architectural constructions.

Porphyry is a widely used buildings  stone especially for outdoor paving. This is because it is endowed with: beauty, frost and use  hold out , in addition   to  physical solicitation  and  unchanged keeping  ability.

Pavements types

-Sowed and split edges natural surface tiles

-Sowed  and split edges  flamed surface  tiles


Trentino's worked Porphyry

Trentino ‘s worked  porphyry gives you the opportunity to get different kinds of products , furthermore the sowing cutting making permits to obtain fixed sizes or special outlines , like “goose foot “ with the wanted thickness.

The most common products are:

  • Baseboard
  • Doorsteps
  • Wall coverings
  • Windowsills
  • Borders
  • Stairs

 Natural Stone covering

Covering is planned with natural stones in  different thickness and set down with fast glue or cement. These kinds  of coverings can be made  of irregulars  stones,  squared and  of  irregular fillets. According to the kind of the chosen material it is suitable both for indoor and outdoor coverings, enhancing your setting  with refinement, increasing the  natural stone charm. 

Carrara Marble

One of the most traditional , Carrara Marble,  is surely best-known, marked out by a white bottom with light grey veins. Its main feature is to have very little impurity pictured by  microcrystalline fool’s gold, not enough to alter the natural color of the made up calcite.

Cobble Stones

Cobble stones, offer a wide range of processing solutions

regarding gardens decoration, fountains filling ,coverings and paving . We deal

with marble , porphyry, granite, basalt and calcareous cobble stones, meant to

achieve and give a natural touch to your exterior adornment.